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Bezarr.com plans to launch to the public November 1st. We are the first cannabis marketplace that specializes in in-store & delivery deals, and general services (think of us as the Groupon/Coupons.com of cannabis). We want to be the leader and the source for all discounted rates for cannabis products and services. We are currently in our Beta stage, and as of October 8th we are inviting selected businesses that we believe would benefit using bezarr.com. This invitation is limited to the first 50 vendors and if you are viewing this page, your in luck. We will honor your lifetime membership through us.

Using bezarr.com you will be able to manage your very own store, add unlimited products or services, add unlimited deals, create unique coupons, create limited-time offers, create galleries, add descriptions, add details to products, group or up-sell products, affiliated marketing for services, and some other awesome features. Bezarr has all the tools and functions that your eShop would need to run and maintain your online shop successfully. We plan on adding numerous website enhancements and functions that will make the user and vendor experience like no other. In the last week of October before we go live to the public, we will have a full interactive directory map system that will allow users to find your shop and deals (based on their location). The map will heavily be focused on deals. Users are able to compare prices of specific products, and can apply several filter options to minimize their search criteria.

We don’t like how broken reviews systems can tarnish a great company, so our team has created a reputation system. We don’t believe in allowing our users to sabotage a company, and allow that company to be judged based on reviews. Our reputation system will work similar to that of Netflix. Users and vendors will be able to give each other a reputation based on their experiences in conducting business with one another. User accounts will be filtered using a match system, and based on the users order history bezarr.com will automatically display similar products and search recommendations. We also plan on having more sophisticated coupon and deals enhancements.

If you can use or have ever used Amazon, Ebay, or any major marketplaces, you can use Bezarr. The bezarr team has worked hard to present this project to you. Since we are in Beta this is our chance to make our platform perfect for you and our users. We hope our invitation has reached you and has sparked some interest for you. We guarantee you will not regret signing up with us today, and begin using bezarr.com as your online shop. Whether you’re a dispensary or delivery service trying to get more exposure through your deals and products, a service within the cannabis industry that offers services, or a start-up company that needs a platform to begin your journey; we are a website that believes in it’s success.

We maybe be new but don’t worry, we plan on creating a lot of buzz and noise in the coming weeks. We will bring the web and foot traffic, we just ask for your commitment on using bezarr.com and you help spread awareness of our platform.

If you have any questions, please call (951) 666-9062 or email moises@bezarr.com and I’ll be happy to help.

Best Regards,

Moises Gutierrez, Co-Founder of Bezarr Inc.

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